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  the website, application & design Your website is the first impression a surfer has and they have a attention span of few CLICKS. If a website is not planned to reach the target audience in mind; it can be useless, and these days, even disastrous to your overall marketing strategy.

Website's design is the first step for your web strategy. At Orion we have a dream of building beautiful, functional and intuitive websites that demand attention and boast the expertise of its creators. We pay special attention to User Interface Design(UID) and Application Architecture Design(AAD) to build solutions that are scalable and manageable. The AAD allows us to build our applications modular with APIs that allows cross module communication in compliance with SOA standards.  
 website design
Designing a website involves a number of steps. We at Orion emphasize on UID with careful attention to detail that will keep our web surfer engaged. Designing is an Art form which determines how you present the information to your target audience. Depending upon who you are targeting determines how you will present the information to them. Your design can be full of art work OR it can be simple static text.
This process is simplified for our customers because of our years of experience in designing beautiful, workable websites.
 web applications development
Web based applications help your business by providing a portal to share information, buy or sell online, manage day to day business. We specialize in bringing our customers to the web by automating your business processes and helping you manage your work by leveraging the cost effective use of the internet. Whether it is eCommerce or Business process management, we utilize AAD and find that it is the most important phase in web applications development. This determines how your business processes will be translated into application and what efficiency levels will be introduced to help you manage your work. We rely on employer-client communication as this is critically important to the success of the project. In the end you can be confident that the solution that we create will be scalable, modular and simple enough for any user interested in your services.
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